Shop Interiors

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to refresh the look of the interior of your commercial property. The team at PaintCO specialise in high-quality paint finishes on a variety of surfaces.

We have experience in all retail painting, including:

    • Cafés and restaurants.
    • Retail shops.
    • Banks.
    • Petrol station interiors.
    • Public venues.

We Get It

As experienced commercial painters, we understand that no business can afford to be closed for longer than absolutely necessary. That means, it’s vital that we work quickly and effectively to achieve a great finish for your shop on time and within budget.

At PaintCO Ltd, we are equipped to handle any sized commercial interior painting project. We take care of everything from the plastering to the end product, working as a cohesive team to fit in with your other contractors and produce a high-quality, durable finish – be it paint, wallpaper or a textured coating.

A member of Master Painters New Zealand, PaintCO work to a high standard, and are covered by the Master Painters guarantee. We also place high importance on Health and Safety and protection of property; our team members are screened by the New Zealand Police and follow all current New Zealand Health and Safety procedures.